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Big Sky Stained Glass
David Fjeld - Owner and Artist



Creating unique and lasting impressions for 35 years.

“People have a limited idea of what you can do with glass. We can do anything. If you can think of it, we can do it in glass.”

---David Fjeld, Big Sky Stained Glass


Ask him why he likes it so much and he’ll tell you, “It’s purty,” he says humorously, and then again becomes instructive “and unlike a painting, the light is transmitted through it. Most art objects, such as paintings, reflect light off of them but light comes through stained glass and it changes all day long.”

--David Fjeld, owner of Big Sky Stained Glass

"Glittering trout, swooping hawks, a black bear rambling through a stand of white-barked birch. For Bozeman artist David Fjeld, the wilderness of Montana is as fragile and fierce as the glass he uses to describe it."

...quote from an article written in Lively Times  Dec. 1994