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"Celia"  Introducing a new stained glass work by David Fjeld
Inspired by the French 18th century painting by Jean-Baptiste Greuze  "The Broken Pitcher"



The window is constructed in the traditional stained glass technique with approximately 200 hand cut pieces of European mouth-blown and domestic rolled glass.

Celia and the birch tree glass pieces were hand painted and fired to 1300 degrees F. in several layers to fuse with the surface of the base glass by the artist David Fjeld.

The background and border glass were chosen carefully from sheets of glass produced by skilled glass makers here in the United States i.e. Kokomo, Uroboros & Wismach Glass Works.

The fleur-de-lis are beveled glass and the hand cast polished jewels add beautiful refractive accents to the piece.


Painting glass pieces on wax up

The window was constructed in the centuries old lead caming process for a strong time-tested durability.  Celia is framed and ready to hang in a properly lit situation or even more preferable, framed into an exterior wall in a new or existing structure.


The window was designed and fabricated over a six month period with over 300 hours of labor, "a labor of love," to create this finished work.  Celia is one of many art glass pieces David Fjeld created in 2005.


The stained glass window Celia is offered for sale at this time.

Most of David Fjeld's works are commissioned by private individuals, churches, and public interest concerns.  He has designed and built beautiful art glass for over 34 years and hopes to "keep up the great work."